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Ways To Develop Marketing Collateral For Your Small Law Practice

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In my time as a professional services marketing professional, I can’t tell you how many times I see missed opportunities for law firms of between one to five practitioners.  When you look for them online, you find no proprietary website, no information on their practice, and oftentimes only a generic contact information form a directory such a Yelp or FindLaw that leaves a prospective client unsure of whether their inquiry will make it through.

It’s perfectly fine if your new business leads come exclusively from word-of-mouth and referrals.  I understand you built your practice from the ground up without any fancy marketing consulting or “tricks”.  But think of how many more qualified leads you could attract with some basic professional collateral and a striking, noticeable brand logo that goes beyond a staid typeface print of your law firm’s name.


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How Consulting Firms Can Help Your Company

shaking_handsWhen running a business, whether large or small, one will often need to bring in some outside help. While this is not always an enjoyable proposition, it is often useful to help with day-to-day operations. In fact, without consultants, some people struggle to run their businesses. Simply put, a consulting firm can help a company and here are four reasons why this is the case. (more…)

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3 Effective Ways To Inspire Your Employees

inspirationA lot of managers and leaders do not know how to inspire their employees. A lot of them do not realize how much influence they have on the way their employees work and think. Some managers and leaders think that for as long as they give their employees a fair salary, that would be enough and that is where they are mistaken. (more…)

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6 Things Successful Leaders Do For Their Comapnies

best_bossA successful leader does a few key things to separate him or herself from the pack. It is easy to see when looking to large corporate companies as they are just run a little better. While this is true, it is easy for a small business owner to be successful and help his or her company. With these six tips, one can be a more successful leader for an organization. (more…)

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