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Daily Archives: December 15, 2012

Using Marketing and SEO Consulting Services

SEO consulting and marketing consulting people are those who work very hard to create and implement marketing and SEO strategies. In the past few years, numerous SEO and marketing consultants have made their way into this business world and if you are trying to implement the ranking and overall marketing strategy of your company and of your company’s website, you will need to find good consultants. But first, you will have to fully understand what these people do, because there is a big difference between a SEO consultant and a marketing consultant.

Although it is believed that a SEO consultant should also know important things about marketing, it is advisable to get two different people to deal with these things. The former, the SEO consultant, is the person who deals with the online research methods that are used to make the client’s website rank higher and be found a lot easier on Internet search engines. Increasing the traffic, the ranking and the website’s visibility, the customer will be able to sell more and improve their productivity and this is the main reason for which most businesses today turn to SEO and marketing consultants to help them out with good plans.

The latter, the marketing consultant, is the person who puts together a strategy, a marketing plan, in an attempt to make the company grow and become better-known. A marketing consultant must be acquainted with numerous things, including customer behaviors and the overall marketing process, so as to be able to put together the best plan for the company. It is mandatory for a marketing consultant to think analytically, but also creatively, because these are two of the most important traits of such a consultant, especially if they want to implement the overall production and success of the company that hired them.

While each company probably needs both of these consultants, it is best to start with marketing the business as a whole and later on move to special fields like SEO or local offline advertising. There is no difference what kind of business you are running, whether it’s a hair transplantation clinic, a small souvenire shop or a gadget manufacturing factory, each of these needs to market their business in order to sell and be profitable.

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10 Factors To Remember About Your Business Parking Lot

Not all business owners have thought about the importance of their store’s parking lot. Attention must be given to parking lots because it can affect the business and it can also say a lot about how the business cares for its customers. Remember that when a customer first approaches your business, it is the parking lot that he or she will see upon arriving and leaving your business establishment. It is important to consider that parking lots have helped increase sales which are to the advantage of businesses. With this article, we’ll discuss the importance and benefits of having a well-kept parking lot, as part of our business consulting.

The Importance Of A Parking Lot To A Business

The majority of successful businesses are those that have parking lots. However, not all parking lots have been helpful to many businesses, usually because of their appearance and security. Some parking lots are simply vacant cemented lots, poorly marked, full of leaves and debris and cracked. This is obviously a sign that a business is not up to the standard it portrays itself to the public. It also shows how inconsiderate and careless the business owner may be. As such, the business owner and the business is quickly assessed and judged by passing customers, who decide not to visit the store due to poor amenities.

Our results from fellow business consulting surveys indicate that every customer will want to feel enticed, welcomed and secure at a business establishment. They want to be certain that they are safe while they do business with you. And if they see that this is impossible at your store, then they’d rather visit another store or the mall instead. The only solution to such a problem is to have your parking lot cleaned up and maintained well. Having a professional clean your parking lot is a good investment and it will also ensure that no slip and fall accidents will occur to your customers. Have lights fixed, cracked filled and hire security for the parking lot if you lack the employees to oversee it. This will help entice customers to venture in and trust your business – especially those who are new and recently moved to the area.

What To Remember – Tips From Business Consulting Agents

We held a poll and have recorded and organized the results from our business consulting partners. Here are a few factors for you to remember about your parking lot:

  1. Customers can be judgmental and they will not forget how your parking lot looks like. Remember that your parking lot gives them an impression about how you run your business.
  2. A clean parking lot encourages customers to do business with you and it encourages them to avoid littering. It also prevents slip and fall cases.
  3. Never put aside the necessity of parking lot maintenance. It is as important as your landscape maintenance because a dirty parking lot will keep customers away no matter how lovely the landscaping may look.
  4. Look professional and keep your business in good condition by showing customers that your business is successful.
  5. When you have a structured sweeping program for your parking lot, you will reduce the likelihood of having pollutants ending up in the storm water drains.
  6. A cemented parking lot must not have grass growing in cracks. It can expand the asphalt and cause greater damage.
  7. Competition with other businesses is normal. However, when you have a clean and well maintained parking lot, you will have an edge to the competition.
  8. When you allow your parking lot to be littered and ignore cleaning it, you encourage rodents and other pests to thrive and transit deadly diseases. This is something you will not want your business to endure.
  9. Sand and dirt on a parking lot can cause wear and tear when not removed. You will only end up with more expenses with having to repair it constantly.
  10. You can attract more customers aside from your usual customers when you show that your business cares for them, their shopping needs and safety, by providing them with a clean and secure parking lot.

Valerie Price is a freelance writer specializing in business management. She regularly contributes articles to websites such as CleanSweep Services, Inc. and other business websites.

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