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Daily Archives: December 15, 2012

Using Marketing and SEO Consulting Services

SEO consulting and marketing consulting people are those who work very hard to create and implement marketing and SEO strategies. In the past few years, numerous SEO and marketing consultants have made their way into this business world and if you are trying to implement the ranking and overall marketing strategy of your company and of your company’s website, you will need to find good consultants. But first, you will have to fully understand what these people do, because there is a big difference between a SEO consultant and a marketing consultant. (more…)

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10 Factors To Remember About Your Business Parking Lot

Not all business owners have thought about the importance of their store’s parking lot. Attention must be given to parking lots because it can affect the business and it can also say a lot about how the business cares for its customers. Remember that when a customer first approaches your business, it is the parking lot that he or she will see upon arriving and leaving your business establishment. It is important to consider that parking lots have helped increase sales which are to the advantage of businesses. With this article, we’ll discuss the importance and benefits of having a well-kept parking lot, as part of our business consulting. (more…)

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