Guide to Data Loss Prevention for Any Business

Every day the world becomes more dependent on computers as a means of storing data. Both businesses and private individuals store large amounts of information on their desktops, laptops and portable tablets, and if anything bad happened that resulted in the loss of that data, the consequences would be absolutely disastrous. The same holds true if an unauthorized user gets hold of the information as he can then distribute it to real or potential competitors, to the detriment of the business. According to the Verizon Data Breach Report over 80 percent of all enterprises have had a data breaches in the course of their existence. IT consulting can help improve your businesses online security to help prevent breaches and data loss.

For that reason it is crucial that every business have a system in place for detecting such events and preventing them from ever occurring. The real challenge in setting up a DLP system is in making sure that it does its duty without restricting the ability of authorized personnel to access and use information. The paragraphs below outline the procedures to follow to protect the system against data loss and leaks. (more…)